Meet Petr Spatina​

Petr Spatina, hailing from the Czech Republic and born into a farming family, embarked on a musical journey that began with the accordion and piano. However, it was with the discovery of his true calling, the Glass Harp, that his musical odyssey truly took flight.

For nearly three decades now, Petr has mastered this extraordinary instrument, crafting diverse original compositions on a glass harp of his own creation, comprising 33 glasses. His extensive repertoire seamlessly traverses classical, folk, and even pop genres. Petr Spatina’s dedication to the glass harp spans more than 27 years, earning him the well-deserved title of virtuoso in this field.

Throughout this time, he has honed a unique technique that remains unparalleled globally.

Petr Spatina’s artistry has not gone unnoticed on the international stage. He gained recognition through a Škoda Superb car advertisement and graced various television screens, including an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show in London, UK.


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Petr Spatina

The Glass Harpist Virtuoso